TransPost Service Troubleshooting

There are a number of possible causes for the service not working
  • The Run Schedule does not work
  • The TransPost Service
    • is not running
    • cannot write TransPost log
    • cannot access data files
    • cannot connect to MYOB
    • cannot access MYOB file
We recommend testing the Run Schedule directly from TransPost when it is set up or changed using the Run All Now button.

Otherwise, if your service is not working, step through the checklist below to identify the cause.

TransPost Service Checklist

  1. Is the Service running? Yes, No, How do I tell?
Start Again

Important Notes

  • The default login used by the service (Local System) cannot access network folders at all
  • Regardless of the login used by the service, network drives must be specified using UNC format i.e. \\servername....
    This is because network drive mappings are set up by the session login process which does not occur for a service.