TransPost Help

Process Imports

To import a file into MYOB use the TransPost Process tab.

The results of the processing will be logged and displayed in the lower part of the screen.

You can choose to log a message for every item imported or to log only warning and error messages. In either case the final messages of the log will report the numbers of transactions, successful imports and errors.

  1. In the Select Mapping field, select the mapping to use. To define mappings see Define Mappings help
  2. In the Import file field, specify the file to be imported. You can browse for it using the ... button to the right of the field.
  3. If you wish to log a message for each successful import as well as for errors and warnings, select the Log All radio button.
  4. To import the file click on the Import button. There will be a pause while MYOB is loaded in the background then processing will start and logged messages will appear. When the processing is complete the final messages will tell you that the import is completed and how many items were imported into MYOB. There will also be a message reporting the number of records and transactions in the file. If some data was not imported that will be reported too.
  5. You can now select another file or another mapping to apply to the same file and repeat the process.
  6. If you are processing a number of files then you can choose to only display that part of the log which relates to the file currently being imported by selecting the Show Current File radio button.

You can also use this tab to review logs for previous days by selecting the required log file in the Log file field. Select the Show All radio button to ensure you see the complete log.