TransPost Screens

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Start tab

The Start tab is there to enable you to get started.

Under the Admin heading it provides the pop-ups to enable you to register, configure your files and process license registration and renewal.

The first time you use TransPost it will open with the Start tab and pop up the Registration screen where you must submit your details including name and email address before you begin. You can change these details later using the Register button on the Start tab.

You can return to this tab at any time and use these buttons to navigate the functions of TransPost.


Mappings tab

Use the mappings tab to create and manage mappings.

A mapping is a definition of how to import a type of file. It defines the type of data imported, the expected format of the data file and what data goes into which MYOB field.

You can select mappings and edit, delete, export or or duplicate them.

You can also start creating a new mapping from this screen.


Mapping Creation and Definition Screens

To create a mapping you must first select the MYOB Data Type to import using the Select Mapping Type forms.

The Select Mapping Type form in TransPost Plus and TransPost Premier offers many more options.

In TransPost Express there are less options so it has a single Select Mapping Type form.

Once you have selected the appropriate MYOB data type you can use the New Mapping form to:

  1. Select an example data file and define its format
  2. Give the mapping a name and description
  3. Select which column you want to use for logging

Using the Mapping Details form you can specify which input data file fields "map" to which MYOB fields.

You can also set specific default values.

You can return to this screen at any time, via the Edit Mapping button on the Mappings tab, and use it to make changes to any mapping.



Once you have created or imported mappings, go to the Process tab to import data from selected csv or tab delimited files.


  1. Select the file to import
  2. Choose the mapping to use
  3. Click on the 'Import to MYOB' button.

Then TransPost will import the data in the selected file, recording details including:

  • Successful imports
  • Warnings, for example where a data element has been ignored because it is invalid
  • Errors, where lines or entire files have failed to import, with relevant information on what is causing the error
  • Run summaries - showing numbers of errors and items imported or skipped as duplicates
This information is all saved to files detailing TransPost's activity which can be reached via the Explore Logs button. See Data Validation and Logging in TransPost for details.

The log displayed shows details of errors, should they occur and, optionally, warnings and success messages.

The Transpost Premier version of the Process tab has an additional drop down list for selecting which company file to import into.


Run Schedule

You can create a Run Schedule to run a sequence of mappings on targeted files in a specified order.

Each step specifies

  • "In folder" - acts as an In-tray for that step
  • the files to be processed
  • the mapping to use
  • "Move to folder" which acts as an Out-tray.

    It may also be the "In folder" for the next step if files are to be processed through more than one mapping.

You could for example, set it up import the new customer data from a file then automatically go on to import sales data from that same file.

The run schedule can be set to occur automatically at a set time or periodically via the TransPost Windows Service so that as long as the service is running the user will not need to open TransPost for anything except changes to the mappings or schedules.

The run schedule is processed when the Run All Now button is clicked.

It will process all matching files it finds in the first folder and then move on to the next, which could contain some files that have been processed in an earlier step.

The TransPost Service, if started, will process the Run Schedule automatically at regular intervals.

The Transpost Premier version of the Run Schedule tab has an additional column for selecting which company file to import into for each step.

Note that TransPost Express does not have the Run Schedule feature.