TransPost Express for AccountRight Live

Import your sales data from CSV files into MYOB

Import these data types directly into MYOB AccountRight Live
  • Customer data
  • Sales invoices
  • Customer Payments
Create your own mappings or download ready made mappings and adapt them so the import process suits your data.

Then whenever you have data to import you can just simply open TransPost Express and

  1. Select your input file
  2. Select one of the mappings you have created
  3. Click the Import to MYOB button
then your data will be imported, directly, immediately, all logged so you can check what has been imported.

First 30 days free - download TransPost Express and save time now!

The first 30 days is free. Just download a copy, install, configure your company file and register. After the first 30 days, continuing to use TransPost Express costs just $88 per year.

See Using TransPost Express for videos and instructions.

What our users say:

“We 're an online seller and have been using TransPost Express for a couple of years now. We used to spend a lot of time entering sales into MYOB via a spreadsheet.

Since we discovered TransPost Express we have saved so much time - we can import over 100 sales at a time in under 5 minutes. And the great thing is, you can adapt TransPost Express to import sales from various selling channels, it 's so easy to use.

The amount we pay per annum to be able to use TransPost Express is nothing when we compare it to the amount of time we have saved. Thank you so much for making such a brilliant program available! ”

<H1> MYOB Deveoper Partner</H1>

See our MYOB Add-on Solution page

Works with MYOB AccountRight Live

Use with local or cloud files. Works with server edition too.


  • Import the following data types into MYOB:

    • Customer (Insert only)

    • Sales (Invoices only)
      • Item Invoices
      • Service Invoices
      • Professional Invoices
      • Miscellaneous Invoices
    • Customer Payments
  • Easy to use interface for creating mappings

  • Set defaults for data that is not available

  • Comprehensive logging to track what was imported and what was not

  • Mappings can be imported and exported as XML files

  • Data preview form shows both raw input and tabular form, to make it easy to select the correct file format

Pay using PayPal or a credit card

Note: You do not need a PayPal account as there is a "Pay with a Card" option.

The license will be issued immediately to the email address used in the payment process.

License Amount Pay via Paypal
1 Year Regular Subscription: $88.00 (inc $8.00 GST)
2 Year Value Subscription: $143.00 (inc $13.00 GST)
After you have bought your license subscription you will receive a license serial number by email. You must register it the Activation & Registration program for your TransPost or TransPost Plus which will set the expiry date to appropriate date after the date on which the subscription is paid.

The license period will start immediately.

Renew Subscription

If your license is about to expire you should have received a renewal reminder with payment instructions.

You can also renew your subscription instantly via PayPal either using a PayPal account or via the PayPal "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" option.

Renew Subscription


Download TransPost Express

Latest Release

TransPost Express August 2023 TransPost Express Setup --- 1.17MB

See Using TransPost Express for instructions and videos on how to set up and use TransPost Express.

What's Changed in version 4.0

  • The Configuration & Activation program has been removed and replaced by options in the main program itself. This removes the need to run a separate program as Administrator to configure files and register or renew a license.
  • New Action code - D will delete where that is permissible in MYOB.
  • The lengths of fields such as Invoice number and Job number have been extended to the limits currently applicable in MYOB.
See here for full details Version 4

Previous Versions

TransPost Express December 2019 TransPost Express Setup --- 1.13MB
TransPost Express May 2019 TransPost Express Setup --- 1.13MB
TransPost Express August 2018 TransPost Express Setup --- 1.13MB
TransPost Express December 2017 TransPost Express Setup --- 1.13MB

How to Uninstall TransPost Express

  1. Select Uninstall TransPost Express from the Start menu. Note that it is grouped under TransPost Express, in Windows 7 under the subheading Transpost Express Tools.
  2. Click Yes to confirm that you wish to uninstall TransPost.