TransPost Support

Email and Phone Support

Email and Phone support are available. If the problem concerns a difficulty with configuration, activation or TransPost is not running properly then support is free.

If you require assistance with setting up mappings then our time is billable. See Configuration and Mapping Support below.

Email :

To help us assist you, we need as much information as possible about your problem. Please attach:

  • By far the most useful item in investigating most of your problems is the log file generated by TransPost/TransPost Express/TransPost Plus.

    Its name and location is shown at the bottom of the Import tab, click on Explore Logs to get there.

    This file contains the complete messages you see on the import tab, not truncated as you saw them.

    If the problem arose in an interaction wioth the MYOB API it will also contain detail sof that interaction, which helps us if we need to consult MYOB support to resolve the problem.

  • A screen snap of the screen where you strike the problem, showing whatever error appears
  • The import file - your data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and deleted once the problem is resolved
  • If the problem occurs while importing data, export and attach the mapping you are using. There is a buttom to export all your mappings in the bottom left hand corner of the Mappings tab.
We aim to get back to you by close of business on the next working day but will be occasions when we cannnot do that.

Configuration and Mapping Support

We will also assist with configuration and mapping. This is chargeable at a rate of $49.50 (inc GST) per 1/4 hour or part thereof.

There is an initial minimum charge of $396 (inc $36 GST) which covers the first 2 hours of support which must be prepaid. You can pay this via PayPal using the button below.

Note: when the work is complete, or at the end of the month if it takes longer that a month, you will receive a tax invoice as receipt for this deposit and billing for any work in excess of 2 hours.

We will advise an estimate and ask for authorisation to proceed if it becomes apparent that more work is necessary.

I have read the Terms and Conditions.

Note that all rates quoted are in Australian dollars (AUD).