What our users say

Highly recommend TransPost. We were manually keying in invoices. What an absolute waste of time! When we asked Myob for a solution, it was not forthcoming. Using Transpost software enabled us to get this sorted.

MYOB import is problematic at best without TransPost.

We are now contemplating what other uses we can find for Transpost, via CSV file.

Monthly I waste a lot of time keying in recurring telephone bills and rental bills. I am in the process of setting up a CSV file for these monthly standard payments and and will upload one file at month end. Importing payroll will be the next area that we will tackle.

I am only new to MYOB. In the past I have used advanced Accounting packages, that enabled me to upload a lot of data effortlessly. This was all missing from MYOB. Thank you TransPost for solving this dilemna.

The Support is brilliant.

Cannot recommend it enough!




I just would like to say how thankful I am of your product and your assistance with the setup and initiation

It works perfectly within the system and I can't thank TransPost enough for such a time saving feature!

It has cut down a day of inputting

Charmaine Melosi


"Until we used TransPost we used to invoice 300 clients a month and it took two people a complete day to do it, and with the occasional mistake."

"With TransPost we now invoice 600 - 800 invoices per month and it takes about five minutes to draw the information from our online police checks database, and populate the invoice information into MYOB. The result is absolutely fantastic and I would recommend it to any company that has large numbers of invoices each month."

Geoff Stockton

Director, The PRM Group


“In the three years that I have been using TransPost by Cadro Pty Ltd I have found the software to be ideal for my requirements, working quickly and efficiently in the background. On the occasions that I have sought help from Julia I have found her expertise and knowledge to be spot on. This product can always be used with confidence.”


“We’re an online seller and have been using TransPost Express for a couple of years now. We used to spend a lot of time entering sales into MYOB via a spreadsheet. Since we discovered TransPost Express we have saved so much time – we can import over 100 sales at a time in under 5 minutes. And the great thing is, you can adapt TransPost Express to import sales from various selling channels, it’s so easy to use. The amount we pay per annum to be able to use TransPost Express is nothing when we compare it to the amount of time we have saved. Thank you so much for making such a brilliant program available!”


"Watersweet has over 220 online Quality Drinking water products online in our eBay store and has been using TransPost for almost 2 years from the Beta Version to the current version."

"We find the program a great time saver for importing eBay sales data. Productivity has improved in the time to enter sales data for customer invoicing. We are also going to use TransPost with our own Watersweet Online Shop hosted on Ashop."

Gary Janke

Director, Watersweet Pty Ltd


I can vouch for the timesaving effectiveness of using TransPost. When my small eBay business began taking up to a hundred orders in a week I knew I had to do something. I had been tediously inputting each individual customer’s data into MYOB for the purposes of issuing invoices. The time involved (not to mention the frustration) just wasn’t sustainable, and was certainly not an effective use of my time which could be better spent growing the business. I was looking for a solution that was more cost effective for a small business like mine than using some of the larger platforms like Magento. That’s when I discovered Transpost. It has provided a useful interface between customer data on eBay and MYOB. In literally a few minutes I can upload all eBay customer records into MYOB. It is simple...and it works. Further, on the two occasions I have had technical issues, none of which were to do with TransPost but simply an outcome of upgrading to new computers, Julia’s assistance with getting me up and running has been nothing short of outstanding both in terms of email and phone support. For something not of her doing, she was willing and generous with her time, and she stuck with it until the issues were fully resolved. I feel that the modest subscription cost for Transpost is money well spent because it lets me focus on the more important aspects of the business.

Mark (eBay Seller)

“I was working with a client and the supplier of their reinforcing steel software system to develop an interface to create Purchase Orders and Sales Invoices which could be uploaded into MYOB without manual handling and detailed conversion into selling units. As the developer had no experience with MYOB, they were happy to create the output in a text file format but were not in a position to import this directly into MYOB. Consequently I did some research and settled on TransPost, which we set up to monitor the folder into which the text files were saved and automatically import these transactions into MYOB.

The system has been in place for a number of years and is working very well. Not only does it save time manually creating the sales invoices, but it has enabled us to rely on the output from the Interface system to perform the complex calculations required to convert the raw materials consumed into the sale units required for the invoice to the customer. Furthermore, as we were also able to get TransPost to import a Purchase Order into MYOB, we were in a position to have the interface system designed to create a production order for each customer order, which gets imported into MYOB prior to the Sales invoice, thereby improving stock control and costing.

There have been times when we have experienced some technical issues, which I have referred to Julia Roberts at TransPost for assistance. I have found Julia to be exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced with TransPost and she has always responded very quickly and worked with me to resolve the issue.”


"We are now enjoying the full benefit of our invoice automation process.

The timesheet data from our Ruby on Rails custom built online application is exported as invoices which TransPost seamlessly imports into MYOB."

"TransPost has significantly reduced the time it take our finance department to produce our invoices."

Clency Coutet

Dius Computing Pty Ltd