TransPost Help

Using TransPost

Import Data into MYOB AccountRight

  1. Select your input file, browse using the … button
  2. Select one of the mappings you have created from the drop down list
  3. Click the Import to MYOB button

Getting Started

If you still use Classic AccountRight (MYOB version 19) you cannnot use TransPost Version 4.

To download and use version 3.3.7 see Getting Started with Version 3

First you need to:
  • download and install the required version of TransPost
  • configure a connection to your company file
  • create or import your mappings
There are instructions below or watch our detailed video walkthroughs.

Download and install

TransPostExpress Setup ... 1.17MB 5/06/2023
TransPost Setup ... 1.24MB 5/06/2023
TransPost Plus Setup ... 1.33MB 5/06/2023
TransPost Premier Setup ... 1.33MB 5/06/2023
The first time you open TransPost you will be asked to enter registration details. You can change these at any time by clicking on the Register button on the Start tab.

Configure a connection to your company file

For details on how to configure your TransPost to connect to your company file see Connect your Company File

Create Mappings

Mappings tell TransPost how your data is to be imported.

There are general instructions on how to create mappings on the Mappings page or you can watch the video 'Import Sales into MYOB Express with TransPost Express' below to see a detailed walkthrough showing how to create and use a mapping to import Item Sales.

Import Mappings

For some applications we have provided standard mappings that you can just download and import. See Mappings available to download.

You can also import them as useful examples that you can make over to suit your purposes.

These videos and more are all on the TransPost channel on YouTube.