TransPost Help



Before using TransPost you need to tell it which MYOB file to use and where to find MYOB and how to log in.

Create a Mapping

Create and store mappings to define how TransPost should import your input files into MYOB.

Transaction Types

For each type of transaction you can provide either an input or a default value for most fields or just provide the few mandatory fields and let the usual defaults apply.


The process will apply a mapping to an import file to import the data in a selected file into MYOB. If errors are encountered, for example references to missing customers or products, then that will be logged.

Run Schedule

Each step of the run schedule takes files from a specified folder, matching a  name or wildcard mask, and processes those files using a specified mapping. There is an option to move the files to another folder after processing.


The TransPost Windows service can be set up to process the Run Schedule at regular intervals.