Frequently Asked Questions

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About TransPost

What does TransPost do?

TransPost imports data from comma-delimited or tab-delimited flat files into MYOB through theAccountRight Live API or the classic MYOB ODBC, using user-defined saveable mappings.

What data does TransPost import?

Standard TransPost imports Customer Cards, Sales, Items, Jobs and Spend Money. For full list for all versions see TransPost Product Feature Comparison

What operating systems does TransPost run on?

TransPost runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10 and server versions 2008 and 2012

What versions of MYOB is TransPost compatible with?

TransPost works with:
  • AccountRight Live versions 2014.4 and later
    • Standard
    • Plus
    • Premier
    importing into company files which are:
    • Online (Does not require AccountRight to be installed)
    • In a network library (Does not require AccountRight to be installed)
    • Local (AccountRight Live installed on the same PC)
  • Classic MYOB
    • AccountRight Enterprise v19.x
    • AccountRight Premier v19.x
    • AccountRight Plus v19.x
    • AccountRight Standard v19.x
    • Premier Enterprise v6.5
    • Premier v12.5
    • Accounting Plus v18.5
    • Accounting v18.5
    • Premier Enterprise v6
    • Premier v12
    • Accounting Plus v18
    • Accounting v17 (2008 release only)

Does TransPost work with AccountRight Live?


All TransPost products work with the latest versions of AccountRight Live.

What file formats does TransPost import from?

TransPost imports from comma delimited (CSV) or tab-delimited text files.

Importing Customers

What is needed to import a customer?

CoLastName is the only mandatory field in the customer data type. We recommend that you supply a unique CardID to simplify identifying the customer when importing a sale.

Can I modify a customer card with TransPost?

Yes if you are using CardIDs to identify your customers.

To set up a mapping to apply updates you must map a column to CardId. Then you check Update existing records. Imported records with CardIds that match an existing customer but containing changed data will update the existing record with those values that are different.

If the data in the input record matches the data in MYOB then no update will occur.

Importing Sales

What is needed to identify the customer for a sale?

You must have one of CardId, CoLastName (with FirstName if used) or CardRecordId. CardId and CardRecordId are both unique. CardId can be made to match IDs from other systems whereas CardRecordId is MYOBs own internal key and as such is only available where customer data was derived by export from MYOB in the first place. We recommend that, if possible, you use CardID to identify the customer when importing sales.

If it is not possible and you are relying on name (CoLastName & FirstName) then TransPost searches for customers where CoLastName, FirstName matches. i.e CoLastName=Smith, FirstName=John will be deemed to match CoLastName=Smith, John and vice versa. If that identifies more than one customer then if an email address, fax, phone number or address has been supplied and matches just one of those customers, TransPost will select that customer. Otherwise TransPost will reject sales with ambiguous customer names.

I cannot find the field for Customer PO#.

Customer PO# is called CustomersNumber.

I cannot find the field in 'Item Sales' for Ship.

The field Ship is called Quantity.

Why aren't they called the same thing?

Because MYOB called them different things in the MYOB ODBC.

Does TransPost apply defaults based on data in MYOB.

Item prices, Terms, Accounts and Tax Codes, where not supplied in the input, are derived from the Item and Customer data as appropriate.

From version 3.3 Shipping Method, Invoice Delivery, Sale Comment and Sales-person will also default if not supplied.

For a full explanation of they way that defaults are applied in TransPost see Defaults in TransPost.

Importing Customer Payments

What data do I need to import payments?

You must identify each invoice, by a combination of customer (name or Card ID required on the first line of the payment), invoice number, customers number and date and the amount to be applied to the invoice.

We recommend also using a receipt ID as that will speed up checking that the payment is not already imported.

You must specify the deposit account but that can be done via a TransPost mapping default.

From version 3.3:

  • You need not specify customer if the invoice number and/or customers number and date uniquely identify the sale to which the payment is applied. TransPost will infer that the customer for that invoice is the customer for the payment.
  • If Customer is explicitly identified and a number of invoices for that customer match then the payment will be applied to the earliest/first of those invoices.
  • If a payment total is supplied the amount need not be supplied. The invoices will be paid off until the total is exhausted.
  • If both payment total and amount are specified TransPost will reject the payment if the amounts do not add up.

How can I speed up the import of Customer Payments?

TransPost searches in MYOB for each payment to ensure that it has not already imported it. If the data in the input record matches the data in MYOB then no payment will be imported. This is because it is all too easy to accidentally import data twice.

This process will be speeded up considerably if your data contains a Receipt number, to restrict that search. You can use any 8 character key that is usually different for each transaction.

it does not matter if they are occasionally the same. For example, if importing data from PayPal you could use the PayPal transaction number, which TransPost will truncate to 8 characters, (but we would suggest possibly mapping that to memo too to capture the whole transaction number).

Importing Items

Can I modify Item details with TransPost?

Yes, if the input contains an existing ItemNumber and you checked Update existing records, details which differ from what is already in MYOB will be updated in the existing record.

If the data in the input record matches the data in MYOB then no update will occur.

Can I update Item prices with TransPost?

Yes, check Update existing records and map ItemNumber and Selling Price fields.

In TransPost Plus and Premier you can also update the matrix of prices by Price Level and Volume.

General Use

Is it possible to get line breaks in a field from a csv file into MYOB. e.g. In the notes of description sections?

If a line feed (LF) is detected within a field before the end of a record, in a file with lines that are normally terminated by CR+LF, then the LF is accepted by TransPost as a character within the field, rather than as a line terminator. This works well with AccountRight Live.

This is useful when dealing with files generated from Excel files in which there are multi line cells and also for accepting data from some ecommerce systems, such as Magneto, which allow multi-line values in fields.

For classic MYOB it will then be replaced by a space to make it acceptable to the MYOB ODBC driver. This will have the effect of turning multi-line fields such as addresses or multi-line descriptions into a single line as that is all the MYOB ODBC driver permits.

MYOB ODBC (Classic MYOB V19 and earlier)

What is the MYOB ODBC?

ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) is an interface to enable other software to access data in a database. The MYOB ODBC enables data to be read from a Company file and, with write enabled, allows transactions, which insert or update data, to be submitted.

Do I need to buy a MYOB ODBC license to use TransPost?

No, you do not need to buy a separate MYOB ODBC license. Access to MYOB ODBC Direct is included for TransPost.

Which version of the MYOB ODBC do I use?

If you are using AccountRight Live you do not need an ODBC driver. If you are using Classic AccountRight, it depends on the Region, Version and Release year of AccountRight that you are using. See MYOB ODBC Drivers to determine which is appropriate for you.

Specific ODBC Errors:

Could not confirm that sale (key name: key value) was inserted successfully

This can happen if the transaction failed and TransPost did not receive an error message from MYOB. This can occur with MYOB version 19.7 (Australia) because a compliance update to MYOB introduced a bug into the ODBC driver which prevents it from returning error messages.

Solution: The patch file to resolve this problem, along with instructions can be found at this MYOB Australia Support Note.

If this is the problem then, after applying the patch, you will get the missing error message which should explain the underlying problem.

This message has also occurred in older versions of TransPost because of connection issues

Solution: If that is the case upgrade to the current version of TransPost.

Connection failed: Use Configure TransPost program to specify all the settings needed to connect with your MYOB file.

The MYOB ODBC requires the following information to access a Company File:
  • MYOB Program pathname
  • MYOB company file pathname
  • MYOB ODBC driver name
  • MYOB username
  • MYOB Password

You have not filled in all the required information in the TransPost Configuration.

Solution: Run the Configuration & Activation program and enter this information.

Connection failed: ERROR: MYOB transaction failed: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified

The MYOB ODBC driver name you have entered in TransPost configuration is incorrect.

This ODBC Driver versions table shows the appropriate driver name for each version of MYOB

Do other users have to log out of MYOB when TransPost imports data?

No. ODBC access is in addition to the user count.

NOTE: Due to technical limitations, users on the same computer must connect to the company file before the additional ODBC connections are made.

If there are difficulties, exit from TransPost, log into MYOB and then restart TransPost.