TransPost Products

The main TransPost range of products import data into MYOB AccountRight. They differ in the range of data supported, the degree of automation of the functionality and the versions of AccountRight supported.

See the TransPost Product Feature Comparison table for a detailed list of features.

TransPost (standard)


This is the original version of TransPost. It imports:

  • Customer data (new and update)
  • Sales (all types)
  • Customer Payments
  • Items (new and update)
  • jobs
  • Spend Money

It includes the TransPost service which will run a squence of imports automatically as files are added to its input folders.

TransPost Express

TransPost Express

TransPost Express works with AccountRight Live but not Classic AccountRight.

It imports:

  • Customer data
  • Sales Invoices
  • Customer Payments

TransPost Plus

TransPost Plus

TransPost Plus has all the features available in the standard version of TransPost plus the following additional imports:

  • Suppliers  (new and update)
  • Purchases
  • Supplier Payments
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Timesheets

With TransPost Plus there is also a command-line program so that data can be imported from a script.

TransPost Premier

TransPost Premier

TransPost Premier has all the features available in TransPost Plus. It can be configured for multiple company files so that:

  • when importing mnaually, you can choose the appropriate company file
  • Run schedules steps specify which file so that the run dschedule can work through imports into a number of files
  • The script command has an additional parameter to select the company file