TransPost Help

Connect your Company File

These instructions are for configuring TransPost version 4 or later to import into AccountRight Live or files.

(If you are using Classic MYOB version 19 or earlier you should be using TRansPost Version 3.3.7 or earlier. See Getting Started with Version 3 )

Specify where your file is located

If you are not sure, check out how you open your file in AccountRight. Start AccountRight and select 'Open a company file'. The 'Library Browser - Open a company file' window will appear.

My Library (On your PC)

If your file is on your PC select the My Library radio button.


For an "Online" file check the Online file check-box.

It does not matter what is in the local data location field.

When you first select an Online file you will need to authorise access with MYOB:

  1. If a sign in to MYOB pop-up appears sign as usual
  2. When you see this pop-up asking "Allow access to your MYOB Account?" click on the Allow Access button.
  3. AccountRight Network Library

    If your file is listed in "Network Libraries", to find out where your file is, click Network Libraries in AccountRight and hover your mouse over the network library name. Note the address in the pop-up. It could be either a computer name or an IP address. Enter it as the server name or IP address.

    The Network Address field should be filled in automatically

    Connect to your Company File

    • Once TransPost knows where to look for your file it lists the files at that location in the Select company file drop down list. If there is only one file it will be selected automatically.

      Otherwise, select your file from the Select company file drop down list.

    • if you normally see this log in dialog when you open your Company file, enter the User ID and password that you would normally use into the User ID and Password fields.

      The user specified must have permissions within MYOB to do all the things that you are going to use TransPost to do. For example, if you are going to use it to add customer cards and sales or orders then the specified MYOB user must have permission to do that in MYOB.

      Online users, please note that this is NOT the online login but the user ID that is defined within the company file e.g. administrator. For Online files with linked User IDs leave these fields blank.

    • Click on Submit to save the details and verify that the connection will work.

    Log file location

    If you want the TransPost logs to be saved in a different location you can enter the folder address here or select it using the Browse button.