TransPost Help

Registration and Activation

Before you can use TransPost, with any MYOB Company file you must have activated TransPost for that file, which will also register your MYOB serial number.

Registration will check and validate your trial period or license and set or update the expiry date. Your TransPost expiry date is displayed at the bottom of this screen. After that date you will need to buy a license or license renewal to to continue using TransPost.

From the Start Menu select All Programs, TransPost, Configure TransPost then switch tabs or click on the Registration & Activation... button.

Before you can activate your TransPost or register a TransPost license you must supply the following details

  1. Your company or business name
  2. A contact name
  3. Your email address (Privacy).

Activate TransPost

If you have configured your MYOB file your MYOB serial number should be displayed. To configure your MYOB Company file use the Configure Files tab.

To activate a TransPost, click on the Activate button.

There will be a short pause after which the message "Activation completed." should display. The expiry date of your trial period or current license will display at the bottom of the form.

You will also need to Activate when you change or add a Company file and when you upgrade to a new version.

Register your TransPost License

This process registers your new or renewed license and extends your TransPost Expiry date as appropriate to the license you are registering.
  1. Enter your License serial no in the License serial no field
  2. Click on the Register button.

There will be a short pause after which the message "Registration completed" will appear and the Expiry date will show your new expiry date.