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Customer Card Fields

There are a large number of possible fields in a customer card. Most of them are optional and not required in most cases. A few key fields are important because they are necessary to identify the card when importing sales


A customer MUST have a name but there are also a number of fields which are useful in assisting ensuring that customers with the same name are not confused. It would be unfortunate if John Smith from X was invoiced for the purchases made by John Smith from Y. There may even be two John Smiths in X, but they will have different addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Franchisees sometimes appear under the name of the Franchise and need to be distinguised somehow

The following fields are useful in identification:

This is mandatory.
First name of an individual customer. Existence of a first name implies that the customer is personal.
The CardId provides a unique identifier in MYOB. This is optional but if you are importing data from a system which has a unique code for each customer we would recommend importing it as the MYOB CardID as it can then be used to ensure that other data, for example sales, are correctly identified with the right customer. If you use such a code you must ensure that one is also entered for all existing Customer Cards in MYOB.

Addresses and Contact Details

There can be up to 5 addresses associated with a MYOB card, each with its own phone numbers, email and contact name. Address 1 is also identified as the Bill To address and Address 2 is the default Ship To address.

The popular fields include the following, none of which are mandatory. 

First line of address 1 (the billing address).
Second line of address 1.
Billing address city.
Billing address postcode.
Billing address state.
Phone number (Additional phone numbers may be added if all fields are shown).
Fax number.
Email address.
Name of the contact associated with address 1, the billing contact.

If the Show all fields radio button is selected then inputs may be mapped to the corresponding fields in Address2 through Address5.

Other popular fields (None are mandatory):

This field indicates the action to be applied to the invoice. You can set a default in TransPost or let it take the MYOB default. If not supplied a warning will be generated. The options are:
  • P - To be Printed
  • E - To be Emailed
  • B - To be Printed and Emailed
  • A - Already Printed or Sent
Only available in multi-user versions of MYOB
  • 0 - Base Selling Price
  • 1 - Price Level A
  • 2 - Price Level B
  • 3 - Price Level C
  • 4 - Price Level D
  • 5 - Price Level E
  • 6 - Price Level F

Most of the remaining fields, if required, would be filled from MYOB Preferences but if necessary may be mapped if the Show all fields radio button is selected.

Note that Billing Rate is only applicable in multi-user versions of MYOB.