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Service Sales Fields

The following is a list of the significant fields in Service Sales Import. They have been grouped under the headings

In TransPost Sale Line Details are shaded to distinguish them from sale details.

Customer Identification

The following fields are used to identfy the appropriate customer card for the sale:

If customer cards have CardIDs this is recommended as the reliable way of identifying the correct customer card for the sale.
If a CardID is not available then customers may be identified by name. Note that there is a risk that customers of the same name may be confused. If there is is likelihood of two customers with the same name (e.g. John Smith or distinct franchisees of the same franchise) then other fields must be used to distinguish them.
If the customer is an individual their first name should also be supplied.

Additional customer data can be provided to ensure that the correct customer is identified. If no card ID is used and any of the following fields are provided they will be checked against the customer card to ensure that the correct customer is identified.

Matched against Email address associated with any of the addresses associated with the customer card. This is a particularly useful identifier as it is unique and generally defined consistently.
Matched with phone numbers associated with any of the addresses associated with the customer card.

Other address fields will be checked against the customer details and used to discriminate between customer of the same name.

Note that if more than one of these fields is used they must all match the data for the same address. If the billing phone number and the delivery address are supplied together a match will not be found.

Sale Details

While it is not mandatory, if at all possible it is recommended that the invoice number is specified using a reference number that may be used to reconcile sales in MYOB with the source of the data. If this is not possible then it may not be possible to uniquely identify the sale to reconcile it with the source data although in most cases the customer, sale date and invoice total will provide a match.
Date of sale will default to today if not supplied.
Sale Status
A single letter code to indicate the status or the sale. The options are:
  • Q - Quote
  • O - Order
  • I - Invoice
This field indicates the action to be applied to the invoice. You can set a default in TransPost or let it take the MYOB default. If not supplied a warning will be generated. The options are:
  • P - To be Printed
  • E - To be Emailed
  • B - To be Printed and Emailed
  • A - Already Printed or Sent

The following fields are can be used when applicable:

This corresponds to the Tax Inclusive check box in MYOB. Y or 1 - Sale is Inclusive
Freight amount exclusive of tax.
Freight amount inclusive of tax.
This should be supplied if tax applies to freight. It is advisable to set it using the default column if not supplied in the import file.
GST on freight. If the tax code is "GST" and FreightGSTAmount not specified then TransPost will calculate this from whichever of FreightExTaxAmount and/or FreightIncTaxAmount is provided.
The amount paid, if applicable.
This is optional but if supplied should be a valid payment method in MYOB.

Sale Line Details

Line item description.

There are also additional fields Description2 to Description9. Data mapped into these fields will be added to the description.

A valid Account number in MYOB.
If this is not specified and Tax code is GST, TransPost will calculate this from the IncTaxAmount.
If this is not specified and Tax code is GST, TransPost will calculate this from the ExTaxAmount.
Tax code as in MYOB. Typically you should set this to default to GST
The amount of the GST for the item. If the Tax code is set to GST then TransPost will calculate the correct amount from whichever other amounts are specified.