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Use TransPost to import your sales and expense data into MYOB AccountRight.


  • Customer data (both insert and update)
  • Sales (all types)
  • Customer Payments
  • Items (both insert and update)
  • Jobs
  • Spend Money
If your sales data is in a csv or tab-delimited layout you can easily set up a mapping to import it. If you save tabulated data from Excel as a CSV file it too can be imported.

Automate your imports

Set up and save a Run Sequence giving each import mapping an input folder. Then just save the data in the appropriate input folders and press 'Run All Now' button to import all files in those folders or use the TransPost Service to import data files automatically as they arrive.

Works with:

  • AccountRight Live online, server or local file
  • Classic AccountRight Version 19.x and earlier
Use TransPost to import data into your AccountRight Live file either locally or in the cloud.

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To purchase send a purchase order to or pay via PayPal.

Pay using PayPal or a credit card

Note: You do not need a PayPal account as there is a "Pay with a Card" option.

The license will be issued immediately to the email address used in the payment process.

License Amount Pay via Paypal

1 Year Regular Subscription: $192.50 (inc $17.50 GST)
2 Year Value Subscription: $330.00 (inc $30.00 GST)
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60 day Trial Extension Subscription: $38.50 (inc $3.50 GST)
After you have bought your license subscription you will receive a license serial number by email. You must register it using the Activation & Registration program for your TransPost or TransPost Plus which will set the expiry date to appropriate date after the date on which the subscription is paid.

Renew Subscription

If your license is about to expire you should have received a renewal reminder with payment instructions.

You can also renew your subscription instantly via PayPal either using a PayPal account or via the PayPal "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" option.

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Download TransPost

Latest Release

TransPost December 2019 TransPost Setup --- 1.3 MB

What's Changed in version 3.3.7

Customer Cards can now be updated when identified by Name without a CardID and CardIDs can be added or changed using the NewCardID field.

There are a number of other changes. More information...

Previous Releases

TransPost May 2019 TransPost Setup --- 1.26MB
TransPost December 2018 TransPost Setup --- 1.26MB
TransPost December 2018 TransPost Setup --- 1.26MB
TransPost August 2018 TransPost Setup --- 1.26MB
TransPost April 2017 TransPost Setup --- 1.25MB
TransPost September 2016 TransPost Setup --- 1.24MB
TransPost June 2016 TransPost Setup --- 1.23MB
TransPost April 2016 TransPost Setup --- 1.19MB

What's Changed in version 3.3

  • Defaults from Customer and Item data apply to sales where not supplied in the input. See here for details.
  • Customer payments can be imported using minimal data using defaults. If required, customer will be inferred from the invoice.
  • Data can be edited in the data preview window
  • Improved line item validation and error logging
  • Heading and Subtotal lines can now be imported with sales (applies to AccountRight Live only)
For a full list of the improvements see What's New in TransPost 3.3

Earlier Versions

TransPost August 2015 TransPost Setup --- 49.6MB
TransPost February 2015 TransPost Setup --- 49.49MB
TransPost March 2014 TransPost Setup --- 48.78MB
TransPost June 2013 TransPost Setup --- 719Kb
TransPost November 2012 TransPost Setup --- 650Kb
TransPost June 2012 TransPost Setup --- 650Kb
TransPost April 2012 TransPost Setup --- 634Kb
TransPost November 2011 TransPost Setup --- 545Kb


Version History

For details of the changes in each release see the Version history.

TransPost Upgrades

We publish new versions from time to time with extra features, improvements and fixes to defects. You may upgrade at any time by simply downloading and installing the new version.

The install of the new version will automatically uninstall the old version. If the TransPost Service is running when you do this it will stop and replace the Service with the new version of the Service and provide the option to automatically start the Service for the new version.

If you have any regrets about the new version you can simply download and install the old version back over it.

How to Uninstall TransPost

  1. Select Uninstall TransPost from the Start menu. Note that it is grouped under TransPost, in Windows 7 under the subheading Transpost Tools.
  2. Click Yes to confirm that you wish to uninstall TransPost
  3. If a "file is in use.." message appears then close TransPost if it is in use and wait a couple of minutes for the TransPost Service to shut down if that was started, then click Retry