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Activity Slips

The Activity slip import records activity slips in MYOB. These activities slips must identify either an employee or a supplier card, an activity and, if the activity is billable, a customer.

If a job is specified without a customer then TransPost will apply the activity slip to the customer associated with the job.

The following fields are commonly required:

If this field is not supplied MYOB will generate a value. Note that there will then be no way to check that a particular  record has already been imported so there is a risk, if a file is accidentally imported twice, that records in MYOB are duplicated. We recommend that if the source of the data provides a unique key then that is used to create a SlipID. The maximum length is 8 characters.
Date of the activity. Mandatory.
MYOB Card ID of the employee or supplier to whom the activity slip applies. This is optional.
Name of the employee or supplier to whom the activity slip applies. This is mandatory if EmpCardID is not specified.
If the employee or supplier is an individual then the firstname is also required to identify them.
This is the code which identifies the activity. It must be a valid Activity ID in the MYOB Activites List or the activity slip will be rejected.
This optional field should be a valid Job Number in MYOB. It is alpha-numeric and may be up to 15 characters long.
Name of the customer. if Job is not specified then this is mandatory if the specified activity is billable.
First name of the customer if an individual.
This is the units to be recorded for the activity slip, i.e. quantity of activity being recorded.
Notes on the activity.

The remaining fields are optional.