TransPost Help

Configure TransPost

The Configure TransPost program is launched automatically the first time you install TransPost.

Otherwise, you can start it from the Start Menu.

Select All Programs, TransPost, TransPost Tools, Configuration & Activation.

TransPost Express

For TransPost Express, you can watch the video Install, Configure and Activate TransPost Express on our Using TransPost Express page.

Also there are instructions on the Configure for AccountRight Live for instructions.

Which type of AccountRight?

TransPost, TransPost Plus and TransPost Premier can all be used with both classic MYOB and AccountRight Live.

If you are not using TransPost Express, you need to select which type of MYOB you are using:

Classic MYOB

If your MYOB icon looks like one of these it is the Classic MYOB.

Select the top radio button (Classic MYOB V19.x or earlier)

See Configure for Classic MYOB for detailed instructions.

AccountRight Live

The accountRight Live icon looks like this:

      or in older versions like this:

Select AccountRight Live radio button

See Configure for AccountRight Live for instructions.