TransPost Troubleshooting MYOB Connection

There are a number of things which must be correctly set up to ensure successful connection with MYOB. TO assist in getting this working here is a step-by-step process for checking out the configuration.

The first step is to Configure TransPost

  1. Is the Service running? Yes, No, How do I tell?

Start Again Do you have a problem starting MYOB AccountRight? Yes,

Important Notes

<> If you are using MYOB Premier or MYOB Enterprise with a Company file on a network then the simplest way to connect is to piggy-back off aregualr MYOB session.

  1. Start MYOB and open your company file in the normal way
  2. Then start TransPost. It will use the copy of the MYOB program (MYOBP.EXE) which is already running and connected

  3. Do not exit from MYOB until you have finshed working in TransPost.