TransPost Help

Getting Started

There are a number of videos to help you get started.
  • Getting Started with TransPost Express

    For TransPost Express we suggest you visit our Using TransPost Express page. These videos are on that page. They will show you how to get going.
  • Configuring TransPost and TransPost Plus

    TransPost, TransPost Plus and TransPost Premier can be used with either classic MYOB (Version 19.x or earlier) or with MYOB AccountRight Live.

    To determine which way you need to configure see the Configure TransPost page.

  • Create Mappings

    This video shows how to create mappings to import sales and customers into MYOB AccountRight with TransPost so that the whole process is completely automatic.

    It demonstrates how to import exommerce sales and customer data. The example is based on the data format provided by Shopify but others are quite similar.

    • Create a mapping to import sales
    • Import sales using the mapping
    • Create a mapping to import new customer cards based on the same data
    • Set up a Run Schedule so that multiple imports can be performed with a single click, or even totally automatically
    This mapping walkthrough provides step by step instructions.
  • Import Mappings

    For some applications we have provided standard mappings that you can just download and import. See Mappings available to download.

    You can also import them as useful examples that you can make over to suit your purposes.

These videos and more are all on the TransPost channel on YouTube.

See the TransPost blog for news and informative articles.