Upgrade to Classic MYOB 19.13

MYOB have recently released version 19.13 of Classic AccountRight Plus, Premier and Enterprise.

This is rather more than just a compliance update, being a full release of a new version of these applications.

Updated configuration

MYOB have moved the default install directory so reconfiguration is necessary even if the upgraded file has the same file name and path as the old one. You will need to run your Configuration and Activation program and correct the location of the MYOB program and your company file:

The MYOB manifest

The upgrade has installed a new copy of the original manifest so you may need edit the myob manifest (myob.exe.manifest or myobp.exe.manifest) to change:
  1. Using Notepad or your favourite text editor go to the MYOB program folder and open Myob.exe.manifest (or for Premier and Enterprise versions Myobp.exe.manifest)

  2. Change





  3. Save and Close the file
(See here for an explanation of why level="HighestAvailable" in the manifest causes a problem.)

Cannot run TransPost while MYOB is running

When MYOB AccountRight is in use, TransPost will hang until it is closed and only then show an error message.

We have been advised by MYOB support that they are working on this issue.

Meanwhile we advise that you will need to close AccountRight before using TranPost.

Further problems

We continue to investigate any further issues that some users have with this upgrade and will update this page as we learn more.

If you are still having difficulties with this upgrade and have applied the above fixes then you should email us at support@transpost.com.au.

To help us assist you, we need as much information as possible about your problem. Please attach:

  • A screen snap of the screen where you strike the problem, showing whatever error appears
  • The log file generated by TransPost/TransPost Plus/TransPost Premier (its location is shown at the bottom of the Import tab and in recent versions you can click Explore Logs) to locate it.

Status updates

If you have upgraded or are considering upgrading to version 19.13 and would like updates on this issue email us at support@transpost.com.au.