Multi-line sales

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Multi-line sales

Post by Julia » Tue 20 Oct, 2015 1:33 pm

TransPost can import sales as either invoices or orders containing multiple items.

The input file needs the sale level detail on the first line of each sale. This must include either the customer name (CoLastName and FirstName, which is only required if there are Personal Customers) or their cardID and can include sale date, invoice number, customers number and lots more fields.

It does not matter if that data is repeated on every line in the sale but when it changes that will be taken as indication the start of a different sale. Sale heading level fields that have this effect are shown in white on the Mapping form (See Mapping Form - meaning of colour coding)

The Item line details, in the highlighted fields, will usually include a description and must include
  • Item Sales - ItemNumber and Quantity
  • Time Billing Sales - ActivityID and HoursUnits
  • otherwise AccountNumber and either ex-tax or inc-tax amount
Item details may also include other fields including tax code, job and price and discount if applicable, but these are optional.
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Re: Multi-line sales

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