Import Items missing in MYOB

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Import Items missing in MYOB

Post by TransPost Support » Thu 19 Mar, 2015 10:50 am

Sometimes Items sales contain orders for items not yet set up in MYOB. This can be dealt with by setting up a mapping to import missing items before importing sales. If tax codes and Income accoutns are fixed you can generally do this import directly off your sales data.

To do this create a mapping using the MYOB Data Type ‘Items’ and leave ‘Update data in existing records’ unchecked to ensure that existing items are unaffected by this process.

You must map the ItemNumber and an ItemName and Description are handy (ItemName can easily be either the same as the number or the same as the description whichever makes more sense) If the data contains the SellingPrice import that too.

To add items for sale you must set these MYOB fields:
  • ItemIsSold – put Y the mapping Default column
  • TaxCodeWhenSold - can also be set using the mapping Default. If it varies then you need a column containing the tax code in your in your data
  • IncomeAccount - use the mapping default
If you also purchase the items ItemIsBought, TaxCodeWhenBought, and ExpenseAccount are also essential and can be set using defaults.

You will need to also set ItemIsInventoried and AssetAccount if you are tracking inventory.

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