Bulk Customer Payments

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Bulk Customer Payments

Post by craigdeakin » Sat 29 Feb, 2020 2:40 pm

When importing bulk Customer payments TRanspost is applying the amount to the first dated invoice for the customer but not any subsequent sales payments.
I have had the same map for over a year with no issue but I have had problems et end of month last month (firstly thought it was a one off glitch) but has happened again this month.
Sending screenshots to support

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Re: Bulk Customer Payments

Post by Julia » Tue 03 Mar, 2020 9:56 pm

TransPost tries quite hard to avoid importing duplicates of transactions as they can be onerous to delete, particularly after a bulk import. Sometimes it means that errors are raised when a transaction should have been processed but at least that can be rectified manually.

In the case of customer payments, the information relating to individual payment allocations will ultimately be identified by the invoice but in input it may be identified by cusstomer only, taking the first open invoice, invoice date or customers number. Matching that to a search result in which invoice number is explicit is an imprecise process so TransPost interprets two payments as the same for these purposes if:
  • the customer is the same
  • the DepositAccount is the same
  • the ReceiptDate, if supplied, is the same
  • the ReceiptNumber, if supplied, is the same
  • the Memo, if supplied is the same
It is therefore important to supply the payment date, particularly when there is no ReceiptNumber or Memo, or the payment will be confused with previous payments from the same customer.

Normally when a number of payments from a customer occur on the same date they are allocations from a single payment covering a number of invoices and TransPost will treat them as such as long as they are sorted together in the input data.

if payments for the same customer on the same date are not sorted together in the input or are otherwise not required to be processed as a single payment then a possible solution is to map the invoice number to the ReceiptNumber or the Memo
Julia Roberts
TransPost Support

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