TransPost Express 3.2.1

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TransPost Express 3.2.1

Post by TransPost Support » Thu 03 Mar, 2016 1:12 pm

Version 3.2.1 of TransPost Express is now available.

This is an improved version of TransPost Express which is an application for importing Customer data, Sales invoices and customer payments into AccountRight Live.

What's Changed
  • Sales can be imported using minimal data using defaults.

    For example, to import Item Sales from a file containing only Customer Name, Item Number and Quantity, no problem, the Item Price and description will come from the appropriate Item details and the terms, shipping method, and many other details from the Customer details.

    If you add just the line total to that TransPost Express will calculate the appropriate price. Alternatively you can still import any relevant detail that is in your data file as appropriate or set a default value for any data not supplied by your data file.
  • Improved data preview showing both raw data and table to be imported

    The raw panel shows everything in your data file exactly as it is. The grid shows that table of data the TransPost will import, showing the column headings applicable with data values aligned underneath.

    This is a great tool for previewing your data without applying any of the misguided reformatting that can happen with Excel. It shows exactly what TransPost Express is seeing when it imports your data.
  • Improved messages and handling of errors
First 30 days free - download TransPost Express and save time now! If you tried out TransPost Express last year, you may try the new version and see how much better it is.

If you have a current license you may upgrade completely free of charge.

More information and download from

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