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Customer not found

Post by TransPost Support » Sun 22 Mar, 2015 11:36 pm

There are a number of reasons for this message, apart from the obvious, intended one that the Customer is not in AccountRight.

This message can occasionally occur when there is more than one Customer with the specified name.

If using CardID to find a Customer then it should be noted that CardID is a case sensitive string:
• “ABC” is not the same as “Abc”, you could manually create a customer card with each of these CardIDs (but you cannot use the API to insert the second one)
• Excel will turn “00001234” into “1234” but they are not the same. Watch out for this one if you have numeric CardIDs with leading zeros!

Occasionally the message appears even when all data is imported as it should be. This occurs when there are additional lines at the end of the data with summary information e.g.
35, record(s) downloaded ….
If any of such a message falls into the customer column it will fool TransPost into acting as if this is the start of another sale, which then fails to get processed. In this case the message can safely be ignored.

If you are using Classic AccountRight and your Windows login has administrator rights this is one of many possible symptoms of the issue explained here: User access Control (UAT) Issue

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