TransPost loses the first character on the first data line

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TransPost loses the first character on the first data line

Post by TransPost Support » Sun 22 Mar, 2015 8:58 pm

Sometimes TransPost loses the first character on the first line of data after the heading line.

We have tried to make TransPost tolerant of variations in file format.

It needs to deal intelligently with data from Excel, which can bring in multi line cells (rows end in CR+LF but within a cell it just uses LF).

Also some of the eCommerce systems return CSV type files with addresses as multi-line objects and, even when TransPost is not importing those fields, it is useful to get the sale data out of a file that has those in.

Other systems return data where rows terminate in just LF. In this case TransPost and TransPost Plus version 2.2.1.x have a bug whereby they read an extra character from the first row of data before registering that the file has a single character line terminator. This effectively deletes the first character of the second line in the file.

If you have any control over the matter this can be resolved by ensuring that the CR+LF line terminator is used, as is normal in Windows text files, or by having a first column you do not use with something (anything) in it so that the lost character does not matter.

We have addressed this issue in release 3.1.0.

See Import multi-line field values for more information about multi-line fields.

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