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Mapping Form - meaning of colour coding

Posted: Sun 22 Mar, 2015 8:43 pm
by TransPost Support
In the TransPost Mapping form, the MYOB fields for multi-line transactions, i.e. sales and customer payments, are colour coded.

The highlighted rows are the fields which are specific to a transaction line and will generally have a different set of values for each line within a sale or payment. The colour DOES NOT indicate that the fields are mandatory.

The white ones are for values which apply to the whole transaction. If these vales remain constant or blank over a number of lines then TransPost treats all those lines as part of the same transaction.

When a value in a column mapped to a white field contains a value that is different to the previous value above it TransPost treats that as an indication that it is the start of a new transaction and processes the lines so far.

This typically occurs when the Customer data changes, indicating a sale to a different customer but can also apply to other fields. For example if a file contains orders from a single customer grouped by different delivery addresses and the delivery address is mapped then this will be treated as a series of separate sales to the same customer, each to a different delivery address.

If you map any item details to one of the white fields, say item description to memo that will cause each line to be treated separately.