MYOB ODBC Error: 20090

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MYOB ODBC Error: 20090

Post by TransPost Support » Sun 22 Mar, 2015 1:48 pm

Sometimes the ODBC driver fails to start properly and leaves an invisible copy of MYOB running. Reboot or use the Task manager to shut it down.

This can occur when the service is running on a tight cycle and a user initiates an action the requires exclusive access to the MYOB Company file and the service then attempts to import data. If this occurs regularly we suggest:
  • Do not drop files into the service input folder immediately before starting an operation in MYOB requiring exclusive access
  • Set the service repeat cycle to at least 3 minutes to ensure that there is time for the ODBC driver to clean up a failed attempt before the service makes another request
If your Windows login has administrator rights there may be issues with the UAC. The fix is explained here: User access Control (UAT) Issue

This post only applies to classic AccountRight (Version 19.x and earlier)

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