Ensuring that the correct Customer is selected

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Ensuring that the correct Customer is selected

Post by TransPost Support » Sun 22 Mar, 2015 10:37 pm

If TransPost cannot identify a unique customer using the data available then the sale or payment is rejected because there is more than one matching customer.

When importing sales or Customer Payments, if CardIDs are used they rule, so you can have lots of customers with the same name as long as the CardID is different.

Otherwise, if there is a single customer with a matching name that customer is automatically identified as the customer for the sale or payment.

If there is more than one customer matching on name then if an email address or phone number is mapped then if just one of the customers with that name matches the email address or phone number that customer will be selected. Address data may also be used if there is no matching email or phone number.

We aimed to get the maximum number of sales imported where possible without accidentally attaching a sale to the wrong customer. The only scenario where this can occur is when the second customer with the same name has not been entered.
If new customers are automatically being imported before importing sales then such a customer would fail to get imported in a Customer import. When this occurs it is indicated on the log.

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