Import multi-line field values

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Import multi-line field values

Post by TransPost Support » Sat 21 Mar, 2015 4:26 pm

Can TransPost import text from multi-line cells in Excel, for example addresses or descriptions?

It depends on which version of AccountRight you are using. In all cases AccountRight will accept up to 255 characters for descriptions and, when printing invoices etc, wrap them in a reasonable manner on output, breaking at spaces etc.

CSV files may have their lines terminated by either CR+LF or just CR or LF. If output by Excel they are terminated by CR+LF. If there are Excel cells which are multi-line then those line breaks within the row are terminated by just a LF.

Thus if your Excel file looks like this:
Multi-line Excel cells.JPG
Multi-line Excel cells.JPG (34.73 KiB) Viewed 13127 times
If you save it as a CSV file it will be formatted with an LF at the line breaks in the description.

When TransPost reads a file formatted like this it initially accepts a multi-line field as a single string, complete with new-line breaks.

If you are using the old AccountRight (v19.x or earlier) then TransPost uses the MYOB ODBC driver which does not accept any line breaks in SQL so TransPost filters them out do the entire text becomes a single line. In the above example the desctions would become
  • Description of line item - with specifics on a second line
    A second line itemwith more detailsextending to a third line
If you are using AccountRight Live (Version 2014 onwards) then intermediate line breaks within a field, indicated by solo LF within lines terminated by CR+LF will be passed on by TransPost and the descriptions will appear in the resulting Invoice laid out just like they are in Excel.

Note that you must not open and save the csv file using a text editor such as Notepad as most text editors will turn the solo LF into CR+LF, effectively splitting the row of data at that point, which makes a complete mess of it.

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Re: Import multi-line field values

Post by Wootenhuber361 » Sun 15 Nov, 2020 1:17 am

Note that you necessary not open and save the CSV file by means of a text editor such as Notepad as most text editors will turn the solo LF into CR+LF, efficiently splitting the row of data at that opinion, which makes a complete clutter of it.

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Re: Import multi-line field values

Post by Julia » Wed 30 Dec, 2020 12:43 pm

In more recent versions of TransPost if CR+LF or solo CR or LF are in a string delimited by quotes ( " " ) then the whole string, line breaks and all will be =treated as one field.
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Re: Import multi-line field values

Post by elizaallen » Mon 28 Mar, 2022 9:54 pm

Thanks for sharing nice information.

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Re: Import multi-line field values

Post by Noradavis » Tue 02 Aug, 2022 6:43 pm

On your csv file, go to the field you want to have multiple lines, and "edit" (press F2) that cell. At the end of each line you have to press ...Multiline fields contain field values that span two or more lines or rows in the source file. For example: addresses that are arranged on multiple lines, or comment fields with text on multiple lines. If a field is multiline, the record containing the field must also be multiline.The Multiline field is similar to the Text field but allows for several lines of text. This field type allows you to enter a large amount of text based on the question or prompt. The benefit of using this type of field is that a Multiline field can hold up to 1 gigabyte of data or approximately two million characters.

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