Import Sales as Orders

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Import Sales as Orders

Post by TransPost Support » Thu 19 Mar, 2015 10:58 am

Import Sales as Orders
To import a sale as an Order, set the SaleStatus to ‘O’.

If you need to import all sales as orders then you can just put O in the mapping defaut for the MYOb Field SaleStatus.

If some of your data is orders and some Invoices, for example if you are transferring sales from another system or a different version of AccountRight, then you will need to have a column in your data,representing SaleStatus which contains ‘O’ for those sales which are Orders.

Note that if the SaleStatus is 'I' then the sale will be accepted as an Invoice. If it is 'Q' then it is interpreted as a Quote. For more details on Quotes see topic Can TransPost import Sales Quotations

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Post by AaronRof » Mon 03 Jan, 2022 8:59 am

You need to check the magic numbers for pendings that turn into market orders. I think market orders have a 0 magic number, so to close your manual orders with an ea you need to set the magic number to 0. If the pendings do not have a magic number of 0, you need to do something custom to close those orders

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