Save Time

Do you or your staff spend hours every month entering data into AccountRight?

Import into AccountRight Live

  • Customer data
  • Sales Invoices
  • Customer Payments

Only $88 per annum

TransPost Express

If your data is in a text file already the solution is simple, TransPost it directly into your MYOB Company file.

No need to fiddle with the MYOB Data Import function. Your data is placed directly into your file, with full logging so you have a record.

Free 30 day trial. Download now

The original TransPost New version now available imports these data types:

  • Customers (inc. updates)
  • Sales Invoices & Orders
  • Customer Payments
  • Items and Jobs
  • Spend Money

Works with both AR Live and classic MYOB


TransPost Plus
This additionally imports
  • Suppliers (inc. updates)
  • Purchases
  • Supplier Bill Payments
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Spend and Receive Money
  • Timesheets
  • General Journals
  • Personal cards

Now works with AR Live too

TransPost Plus

TransPost Premier beta

New - manage imports into multiple company files

Imports all the same data types as TransPost Plus

TransPost Premier

All products have the the same easy to use interface.

Which product is right for me?

TransPost is being used to import data from many applications including eBay, Concur, Handshake, Quotewerks.

It is also used with custom systems and for data from Excel, Access and FileMaker

Quick and Simple

Once you have mapped the data to the required MYOB fields it is as simple as:
  1. Select your input file
  2. Select one of the mappings you have created
  3. Click the Import to MYOB button

and there is your data entry done.


<H1> Works with MYOB</H1>

All TransPost products work with MYOB AccountRight Live

Use with Standard, Plus and Premier versions to import into your company files whether they are local, on your server or in the cloud.

TransPost and TransPost Plus also work with older AccountRight versions

  • Enterprise v19
  • Premier v19
  • Plus v19
  • Standard v19
  • and some earlier versions.


Import it into:

  • Customer Cards
  • Sales Invoices
  • Customer Payments
  • Sales Orders
  • Spend Money
  • Inventory Items
  • Jobs
Using TransPost Plus or Premier also import
  • Purchases
  • Bill Payments
  • Receive Money
  • General Journals
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Supplier & Personal Cards
  • Timesheets

Take Data From:

and many more applications and eCommerce systems.

Use data exported from Microsoft Access & Excel, MySQL, FileMaker and other databases.



"Until we used TransPost we used to invoice 300 clients a month and it took two people a complete day to do it, and with the occasional mistake."

"With TransPost we now invoice 600 - 800 invoices per month and it takes about five minutes to draw the information from our online police checks database, and populate the invoice information into MYOB. The result is absolutely fantastic and I would recommend it to any company that has large numbers of invoices each month."


Geoff Stockton

Director, The PRM Group




"Watersweet has over 220 online Quality Drinking water products online in our eBay store and has been using TransPost for almost 2 years from the Beta Version to the current version."

"We find the program a great time saver for importing eBay sales data. Productivity has improved in the time to enter sales data for customer invoicing. We are also going to use TransPost with our own Watersweet Online Shop hosted on Ashop.


Gary Janke

Director, Watersweet Pty Ltd